Read what users say about TransistorAmp software

Hello, I'm a hobbist. I found transistoramp very useful for the design of amplifiers.
Matteo Pellegrini, Italy

This is a brief note to thank you for the excellent design tool you have made available on the web! I shall sing your praises to all! Cordially, Dr Bob Carter

Thank you very much for sharing your transistoramp 1.1 software in your page.
All the best from Turkey!

Mehmet Mete

Stefan, Thank you for providing TransistorAmp 1.1 free to the world. I'm just using it to create my own circuits on EveryCircuit (Android APP); no real "hobby" or actual use. Simply a reminder of (decades ago) of my electronics play of the past. It is wonderful that you gave this to the world for free - Thank you, sir.
David Stewart, Louisiana, USA

Feedback for TransistorAmp 2.0.3: Congratulations for having created this excellent program, very useful for both hobbyists and electronics professionals.
Biagio Barberino, Italy

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