Download TransistorAmp 1.1 software for the design of transistor amplifiers

TransistorAmp 1.1 Software

Here you can download TransistorAmp 1.1 software. This software is freeware and may be used commercially and privately for free.

Current version: 1.1.5, created 2017-02-03.

Here are your options for the download:

1.) Download installer, filesize: 664 KB, filename: TransistorAmp.msi (recommended download, if program can be installed on a computer):

2.) Download zipped executable, filesize: 554 KB, filename: (needs no installation, program can be executed e.g. on an USB drive):

TransistorAmp 1.1 64-Bit Edition

TransistorAmp 1.1 64-bit edition

3.) Download zipped executable of TransistorAmp 1.1 64-Bit Edition, filesize: 1476 KB, filename: (requires 64-bit Windows, needs no installation, program can be executed e.g. on an USB drive). You can also execute TransistorAmp 1.1 64-Bit Edition in a Windows emulator under macOS Catalina (a pure 64-bit operating system):

Download Counter for TransistorAmp 1.1: 42762
Download Counter for TransistorAmp 1.0: 932

Download Counter for TransistorAmp 1.1 64-Bit Edition: 1435

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